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Choose Your Deck!

Three Playing Card Varietals

Find Which Suits You Best!


The Newspaper Pack

Just the facts, ma'am!

Celebrate the essential role of the fourth estate without any manufactured both-sides bullsh*t!

Each member of MAGA’s Most Wanted gets one of 52 playing cards and each card, quoting credible news sources and parties with firsthand knowledge, summarizes the harrowing laundry list of crimes, misdeeds and attacks on our democracy committed by the person whose ugly mug is sitting right there in the center.

We offer you a study guide, a time capsule, and above all else, a pack of playing cards. Please enjoy.

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The Mugshot Pack

Sometimes less is more!

From the Paid Liars peddling misinformation about the administration's various misdeeds, to the Deeply Concerned Cowards too spineless to call out blatant abuses of power, these are the ugly mugs whose task it was to Make America Great Again...

With a focus on the illustrations and the rankings, this is the version for people who don't want to accidentally give their Fox News-watching grandparents a heart attack by unloading too much truth too quickly!

Mugshot McConnell.jpg

The Late Nite Pack

Salacious! Scandalous! Shameful!

Just because the people featured in these cards are so, so ugly on the inside doesn’t mean that their cards can’t be beautiful!

Each of the 52 playing cards features a different member of MAGA’s Most Wanted, but, unlike the Newspaper Pack, these cards feature the stories that make late night tv hosts salivate.

Want to laugh at that time Ted Cruz’s Twitter account “liked” hardcore pornography? Care to enjoy that video of Donald Trump unsuccessfully hitting on Rudy Giuliani in drag? Did you forget that court documents revealed Paul Manafort’s $15,000 ostrich jacket? Dare you gaze upon the contents of Roger Stone’s personal ad in “Local Swing Fever” magazine?

If you answered yes, then these are the playing cards for you!

Image by Joseph Chan

Why Did You Do This?

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the daily deluge of lies, corruption, racism, sexism, ableism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, self-enrichment, nepotism, and attacks on our democracy emanating from the Trump administration. The sheer volume of misbehavior makes them difficult to remember, no matter the historical magnitude of each scandal. How can one be expected to keep track?


This effect is compounded by the revolving door of white male mediocrity parading through our halls of government, desperately trying to line their pockets with tax-payer dollars long enough to cash in again with a tell-all book lionizing their alleged attempts to change things from the inside. Who even are these people?


During the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, the U.S. military released a limited-edition deck of playing cards featuring the 52 most-wanted members of Saddam’s Hussein’s regime. Their goal was to create an easy, accessible way for our troops to identify and remember who they felt was the worst of the worst.


We’ve taken that idea and expanded on it, filling the background of each card with headlines and quotes documenting why we feel each particular person featured on a MAGA’s Most Wanted card has earned their place among the worst of the worst.  


But like a White House toilet overflowing after 10 or 15 flushes, there simply was more awfulness than a single deck of playing cards could handle. Into the Newspaper Pack we put as many serious, egregious, era-defining scandals as can fit on 52 cards (plus Jokers). Into the Late Nite Pack we put the most satisfying takedowns from talk show infotainers and enough salacious, shameful tabloid fodder to make the Real Housewives blush. Last but not least is the Mugshot Pack, which gives you the pictures and the rankings without all the fine print.


Basically, if you want to hear about the tangled web of Rudy Giuliani’s involvement in the Ukraine scandal that led to Trump’s impeachment, then the Newspaper Pack is for you. If you want to remember all the times Rudy accidentally confessed to crimes during TV interviews and find out who called him a “sundowning gremlin,” then the Late Nite Pack is the one. If you're tired of reading and just want to chuckle at a drawing of Rudy looking angry and confused, then give the Mugshot Pack a try.  


Whatever pack you choose, we hope that it reminds you of how important your vote was in November! And remember, 100% of all profits go to charitable and progressive political causes.