The Late Nite Pack

The Late Nite Pack

SKU: CLATE202001

Just because the people featured in these cards are so, so ugly on the inside doesn’t mean that their cards can’t be beautiful!


Like the gay pride flag that Pence doesn’t want to fly outside of U.S. embassies, like the “poison Skittles” to which Don Jr. compared Syrian refugees, like the gloriously diverse faces that comprise our once-proud nation, these cards celebrate their color.


Each of the 52 playing cards features a different member of MAGA’s Most Wanted, but, unlike the Newspaper Pack, these cards feature the stories that make late night tv hosts salivate.


Want to laugh at that time Ted Cruz’s twitter account “liked” hardcore pornography? Care to enjoy that video of Donald Trump unsuccessfully hitting on Rudy Giuliani in drag? Did you forget that court documents revealed Paul Manafort’s $15,000 ostrich jacket? Dare you gaze upon the contents of Roger Stone’s personal ad in “Local Swing Fever” magazine?


If you answered yes, then these are the playing cards for you!


As always, 100% of profits go to charitable and progressive political causes.


WARNING: Quoting the people featured in these cards and accurately describing their actions necessarily requires using language that is not appropriate for children. We decided that the best way to change this unfortunate fact would be to vote the bums out, not to whitewash their language or actions. However, we do bl**p out the most explicit content. 



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    Due to high demand, this batch of cards won't ship until the first week of January. But they're worth the wait and will arrive in plenty of time for Biden's inauguration!  



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