The Newspaper Pack

The Newspaper Pack

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Just the facts, ma'am!


Celebrate the essential role of the fourth estate without any manufactured both-sides bullsh*t!


Each member of MAGA’s Most Wanted gets one of 52 playing cards and each card, quoting credible new sources and parties with firsthand knowledge, summarizes the harrowing laundry list of crimes, misdeeds and attacks on our democracy committed by the person whose ugly mug is sitting right there in the center.


Political junkies will be shocked about how many scandals have been memory-holed when every single one should have been career-ending and completely disqualifying for any role in government whatsoever! Political novices will be horrified that these are actually the people running our country! Hopefully everyone will be spurred to action in order to vote these bums out!


We offer you a study guide, a time capsule, and above all else, a pack of playing cards. Please enjoy.


As always, 100% of profits go to charitable and progressive political causes.


WARNING: Quoting the people featured in these cards and accurately describing their actions necessarily requires using language that is not appropriate for children. We decided that the best way to change this unfortunate fact would be to vote the bums out, not to whitewash their language or actions. However, we do bl**p out the most explicit content. 



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